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Official Wall Climb Tugs !!
Official Competition Wall Climb Tug !!

--11" in Length
--3" in Diameter
-- Made with fully adjustable break away strap
-- Made of 4-Ply of Heavy Burlap...
-- Filled with High Density non toxic foam

I experimented with Burlap and Fire Hose material and dogs consistently made more successful grabs on tugs made out of Burlap material then those made of firehouse material. I attribute this to the dogs ability to get a better bite on the burlap material. 4-Plies were used to assure durability after numerous uses. 

.....................1 Official Wall Climb Tug= $20 Total (Includes Shipping) 
.....................2 Official Wall Climb Tugs= $35 Total (Includes Shipping)

Wall-Climb Practice Tugs !!!

These Tugs are made of Firehose wrapped in 4 layers of Burlap !!

These are much more durable than the "Competition" Wall-Climb Tugs but also easy for dogs to grab being that they are wrapped in Burlap.

.............. 1 Wall-Climb Practice Tug= $18 Total (Includes Shipping )

Fire Hose Tugs !!

The Firehose Tug is a super heavy duty tug designed for the Pit Bull. These heavy duty Pit Bull Tugs are made of recycled thick professional fire hose. One end has a heavy weight nylon handle for playing tug by hand or you can use this handle to attach to a spring pole. These Tugs are super strong and very durable !!

FIREHOSE Tugs are made from 100% recycled/used hose that has been washed in an industrial washer prior to making into a TUG TOY. 

..........1 12' Long Fire Hose Tug = $14 total (includes shipping)
..........1 24' Long Fire Hose Tug = $18 total (includes shipping)

..........10 12' Long Fire Hose Tugs = $115 total (includes shipping) 

The Only Fly Control Product Endorsed by Stillwater Kennel Supply !!


Spalding Labs - Fly Control

    12"-14" 5-ply Suede Leather Bite Tugs are back in Stock !!!

    Super-Duty and Very Durable !!!

    $20 total includes shipping in the US

    10 for $160

    ...............1 Suede Tug = $20 (Total Includes Shipping)

    ...............10 Suede Tug = $160 (Total Includes Shipping)

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