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Stillwater Kennel Supply

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Spring Pole Set-Ups

    Super Heavy Duty Bungee Spring Pole set-ups !! Made to attach to hook, eye-bolt or will work on a tree limb or ceiling joist with universal hanging strap which is included.

    I added a small nylon rope between Bungee and tug to keep dogs from damaging bungee, and the small nylon rope is easy changed out when it shows wear from use. This also keeps dogs mouth from getting damaged on hardware.

    1 Spring-Pole set up with universal hanging strap. is $45 which includes shipping. Add a FireHose Tug or piece of Hide (when in stock) for an additional $5.00

    Works for areas between 5'-10' in height.

    ....................1 Super Heavy Duty Bungee Spring Pole Set-Up= $45 Total (Includes Shipping)

    1 Super Heavy Duty Bungee Spring Pole Set-Up W/Fire Hose Tug =$50 (Includes Shipping)