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Stillwater Kennel Supply

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Wt. Pull Harnesses

These Wt. Pull Harnesses, are for Competition Wt.  Pulling, and are made of 2" nylon, except for small size which is made of 1.5" nylon. Harnesses are padded around neck, chest, and on both sides to allow dog to pull more comfortably, with less stress and binding. I have extended the rear back straps, that start in middle of dogs back and extend to tracers, in order to give dogs, more pulling leverage. My harnesses are made to fit various wt. ranges, of average height. If your dog is very short legged or long legged for its wt. please call and I can make it to your specifications.

Small, Medium, and Large !!!


...............Small Wt Pull Harness, Fits 15lb to 25lb dogs. ($60 total includes shipping)

................Med.Wt.Pull Harness, Fits 25lb to 40lb dogs. ($60 total includes shipping)

................Large Wt Pull Harness, Fits 40lb to 55lb dogs. ($60 total includes shipping)

.....X-Large Wt Pull Harness, Fits 55lb to 75lb dog. ($70 Total includes shipping) 



Please call or email for color availability. 

Shipping time

Typical shipping times on Weight Pull Harnesses is 7-14 days.